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SHERJ - Multidisciplinary Vol.7 January 2020 Released

SMCC Higher Education Research Journal
ISSN Print: 2449-4402. e-ISSN: 2467-6322. Volume 7 · January 2020
Published by Saint Michael College of Caraga
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
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Transformational and Organizational Leadership of School Heads: Their Relationship with the Performance of Teachers

Effective teachers need leaders whose outlook in life focuses on the transformation of the teachers. The study determined the relationship between the transformational as well as organizational leadership of school heads and the performance of teachers in Bayugan South District, Division of Bayugan City for the school year 2017-2018. The study used a descriptive research design. The data revealed that the school heads have manifested a high level of transformational leadership in terms of values development and professional development. This is good indication that school leaders are encouraging values development while at the same time promoting for professional development of the teachers, all of which are intended for the betterment of the school system. The teacher’s level of performance is an indication that they are capable of pursuing more effective endeavors that will help improve the performance of the learners and promote the best school performance in general. It was recommended that the school heads should maintain, and it budget warrants, improve their effort in introducing program for teacher’s professional development. The school heads may do bench marketing activities that will give them more insights into the attainment of the mission and vision of the school. They should be more concerned in sending teachers to regional and national training. The teachers may utilize more effective efforts that will direct their performance to better leaner performance and the best school performance in general.

Quality of Work Life of Teachers in Public Secondary School Teachers

Quality of work life is important for an efficient and effective organization. This study determines the quality of work life (QWL) of the public secondary school teachers in the Division of Agusan del Sur. The quality of work-life was determined in terms of financial literacy, indebtedness, secondary occupation, non-teaching duties, health, and family responsibilities. The researcher used a quantitative and qualitative research methodology. A paper survey tool was used to quantify the attitudes and behavior of the respondents on variables identified to determine their QWL. The qualitative method was used to gain insights and dig deeper into the problem based on the teachers’ actual lived experiences on financial literacy, indebtedness, secondary occupation, non-teaching duties, health, and family responsibilities. It was found out that public secondary school teachers have low QWL in terms of financial literacy and fair in terms of indebtedness, secondary occupation, non-teaching duties, health, and family responsibilities. It is recommended to the Department of Education (DepEd) to provided intervention programs in improving teachers’ quality of work life.

Stress Sources of Teachers in Asean Perspective and in Public Secondary School Teachers

Stress sources affects the job satisfaction and teachers’ working condition. Hence, this study identifies the stress sources the school teachers in ASEAN countries and in the Division of Agusan del Sur, Philippines. ASEAN stress sources of teachers are determined through reading of literatures while data from the Division of Agusan del Sur were taken from qualitative research methodology on actual experiences of the public secondary school teachers. Interview questions were validated by pool of experts. Focus Group Discussion and face to face discourse were conducted to dig-deeper into the problem. It was found out that similar to ASEAN region countries, except Brunei and Singapore, teachers’ stress sources which were associated with work-related, monetary issues, extra work and personal factors. Work-related stresses and low salary are the top two stress sources. Work related include curriculum implementation, provisions of teaching materials and equipment, extra workloads, behaviour of the students and others. Monetary issues include low salary and indebtedness. Teachers need adequate provisions and increase of salary based on economic inflation. It is recommended for Department of Education to revisit and design new framework for educational reforms, programs and projects to address teachers’ needs

Dropouts from the Public Elementary Schools: Basis For Drop Out Reduction Program (DORP)

The number of pupils who dropped out from the formal school system is one of the major problems faced by the different schools today. The study was conducted to identify the reasons for dropping out of pupils from school. This study applied the procedures of qualitative and quantitative research in the selection of participants, data collection and data analysis. Dropouts, parents and teachers cited reasons for dropping out from school which included social, behavioral, economic and educational factors. They also expressed the same idea on the detrimental effects of dropping out from school on the lives of the dropouts. These findings made them realize their roles in helping the drop outs transform themselves into responsible pupils as manifested in the behavioral and educational factors when they returned to school. An approach to reduce the incidence of dropping out from school entitled Community Assistance for Reducing Dropouts (CARD) was designed to describe the contribution of the parents and other stakeholders in the reducing the number of dropouts in the public elementary schools of Prosperidad Districts. The approach hopes to strengthen the home-schoolcommunity collaboration to save pupils at risk of dropping out from school.

Qualities of Leadership Relating to Management Skills of School Heads

School Leaders who possesses quality management skills tend to influence the subordinates in the school organization to work for the common good of the school. The study attempted to determine the qualities of leadership relating to management skills of school heads in Bayugan North and West District I of Bayugan City Division for the school year 2017-2018. It used a descriptive research design. There were 139 teacher respondents who were distributed in the Bayugan North and West District I of Bayugan City Division. The date revealed that the school heads have manifested and exhibited almost excellent qualities of leadership in terms of ability to learn, conscientiousness, adaptability and emotional intelligence but with a room for improvement. The school heads have shown highly commendable managerial skills that concern to technical skills, interpersonal skills and administrative skill but still need improvement. Ability to learn, conscientiousness, adaptability and emotional intelligence are relating factors on technical skills interpersonal skills and administrative skills. It was recommended that the school heads should improve their ability to learn in terms of expressing reasons and information that are new to the minds of the teachers, improve their conscientiousness in terms of disseminating delicate and confidential information relative to problem of teachers.

Bookkeeping Practices of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

This study surveyed the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), specifically, it sought to assess and determine the SMEs business profile and its bookkeeping practices applied to their respective enterprise. The study used a descriptive research design through an adopted and closed-ended structured questionnaire. The respondents are the SMEs in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur specifically the single proprietors. The study found out that the most of the SMEs business were engaged in trading, their enterprise exist within 3-7 years, and earned an increasing yearly income. As to the bookkeeping practices, most of SMEs employed an outsourced bookkeeper. The outsourced bookkeeper prepares monthly financial statements and kept records such to include book of accounts and sales book as well as monthly and quarterly tax reports. Most of SME owners have lack of knowledge and no formal training in handling bookkeeping, and encountered cashflow problem due to lack of financial literacy and no adequate bookkeeping practices. Therefore, most of the SMEs are dependent from the services rendered by an outsourced bookkeeper as an attractive and beneficial employment due to low cost and lack of expertise in bookkeeping functions. Hence, most of SME owners need to undergo a bookkeeping training for them to have enough knowledge, enhance and equip their skills in bookkeeping as management tools and control.

Mathematics Manipulatives for the Development on the Numeracy Skills of Kindergarten Pupils

Math manipulatives are fun! Children who are known to be fun-loving individuals enjoy using these concrete tools to make sense of the problems they are given. This study aimed to determine the use of Mathematics Manipulatives for the development of numeracy skills of kindergarten pupils. It utilized the experimental research design with pre-test and post-test. It was conducted in Odiongan Central School (OCS), Division of Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental. The subjects of this study were the two (2) sections of Kinder-Daffodil as the experimental and control groups. The research instrument used in this study was the 20-item teacher-made pre-test and post-test questionnaire. The frequency and mean were used to determine the pre-test and post-test scores of the experimental and control groups. The result revealed that the pupils in the experimental group have developed more mastery level on their numeracy skills than the control group. There was a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores of the experimental and control groups. Thus, the null hypothesis (Ho) was rejected. Based on the findings of the study, a training program was proposed for consideration and approval.

Teachers Classroom Practices and Learning Outcomes in Social Studies Among Grade VII Students

This study ascertains the teacher’s classroom practices and learning outcomes in Social Studies among Grade-VII students of Santiago National High School, Santiago District, and Division of Agusan del Norte. The formulated hypothesis stated that (1) there is no significant relationship between the instructional materials , teaching strategies to the learning outcomes of Social Studies , and (2) two of the independent variables significantly predict that the teachers classroom practices affect the learning outcomes, the hypothesis testing was set at .05 level of significance. The descriptive type of research was used in the study. Survey questionnaires convey relation of teaching classroom practices to learning outcomes in Social Studies. The 130 Grade VII students of Santiago National High School, Santiago District, Division of Agusan del Norte, were the respondents of the study. After considering the problem, the weighted mean, Pearson product moment coefficient of correlation and regression analysis were utilized to treat the data. The results were then tabulated, analyzed and presented in the tables and finally interpreted.

Correlates of Job Performance of School Heads in Selected Schools

In the world of work job performance is widely acknowledged yet largely misunderstood. The study aimed to determine the correlates on the job performance of School Heads in selected schools of Bayugan City Division for the School Year 2017 – 2018. The study used a descriptive research design. There were 137 respondents of the study who were taken as complete enumeration. The findings of the study disclosed that personal issues was rated as “Frequent” which explains that the School Heads were frequently showing a humble behavior and good moral character, good reputation with credible integrity, faith in God, honest and sincere. Job suitability was rated as “Frequent” which explains that the School Heads were frequently fitted to tackle works, have appropriate qualification for managerial work, possess knowledge and skills in directing and guiding the teachers, and confidence in performing the duties and functions. It is recommended that the School Heads should be more creative in solving problems of the teachers. They should improve the school environment to have a good working condition. They should be more compassionate and kind to teachers. They should improve their expertise in solving problems relative to administrative matters. They should always attend job training that leads them to be more creative in making program plan of action. The School Heads should be promoted and diligent in preparing budget for the physical facilities development of the school.

Psychosocial Characteristics as Drivers of Crime Incidence and Quality of Life of Prison Inmates

The study established the psychosocial characteristics that drive crime incidence and the quality of life of inmates. It employed descriptive method in describing the psychosocial characteristics of inmates, crime incidence, and their quality of life. It used data mining, questionnaires, and interviews in the data gathering. It employed the Convenience Sampling Method in determining the respondents. The statistical tools used in the analysis and interpretation of data consisted of frequency, percentage, mean, and Pearson Correlation. The study revealed that the inmates had low level of education, low level of income and involved with drugs. The inmates were Moderately Satisfied with their quality of life in jail. It revealed that there is high correlation in involvement with drugs and crimes. Economic reasons induced inmates to commit crimes. Self-esteem, self-control and strong personal values could have prevented them from committing crimes. Low educational attainment resulted to economic difficulties, low self-esteem and self-control. The study recommends for the children to stay in school to obtain good education and self-esteem and for the government to provide employment, skills training for inmates for their reentry and reintegration into the society to avoid reoffending.

The Effect of Good Corporate Governance and Information Transparancy on Corporate Financial Performance in Banking Industries in Indonesia



Banking industries have grown rapidly as indicated by the increasing number of banking industries listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (ISE). Bank Indonesia, the central bank, demands that all banks conduct a good governance as it can increase the disclosure of financial and non-financial information. This study aims to test empirically the impact of corporate governance and CSR on financial performance. The data collected from the banks’ annual financial statements listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (ISE) in 2008-2015 and GCG report of the banks. It shows that GCG has a significant effect on corporate value, profitability, the audit report lag, and the information asymmetry except on the tax avoidance. In addition, this study also shows that CSR could not affect all the dependent variables except the company’s value. And, CSR could not either moderate the effect of corporate governance on the dependent variables. Banking industries tend to produce a good performance shown on the achievement of maximum profit so the banks have to select accounting policies. GCG is good for companies’ value, profitability, the audit report lag, and the information asymmetry. However, CSR only has an impact on the company value but could not moderate the effect of GCG on other variables.

The Characteristics of Cohesion in Malin Kundang Narrative Text

This study attempts to answer two problems: what are the characteristics of lexical and grammatical cohesion in Malin Kundang narrative text? It describes and explains the characteristics of lexical and grammatical cohesion in Malin Kundang narrative text. As such, it is a descriptive qualitative method, describing deeply the findings. The data were taken from the written form of Malin Kundang narrative text. The result shows that the first, there are two types of lexical cohesion used in Malin Kundang narrative text namely reiteration and collocation. Reiteration consists of repetition, synonymy, hyponymy, metonymy and antonym. The second, there are three kinds of grammatical cohesion found in the Malin Kundang narrative text. They are reference, substitution and conjunction. Reference consists of personal and demonstrative reference. Personal pronouns consist of he, it, her, him, you and his while demonstrative adjective comprises of here. Besides, verbal substitution consists of do. It also found four kinds of conjunction used in this narrative text, such as additive, adversative, causal, and temporal conjunction. Additive relation consists of and, also and or. Also, because as causal conjunction. In addition, temporal conjunction that are found namely at last, after, when, after that and finally.

Determinants of Learning Competency Among Pupils of Indigenous Groups

Education is a primary and powerful instrument in reducing poverty. The study was conducted to determine the Determinants of Learning Competency Among Pupils of Indigenous Group in the Division of Agusan del Norte. The study utilized the descriptive research design. It employed Grade IV, V and VI a total of 154 pupils of Santiago, Jabonga, and Kitcharao Districts during School Year 2016-2017. Data were gathered through questionnaires and interviews. The statistical tools used in analysis and interpretation of data include the Frequency, Percentage, Stepwise Regression, and analysis of variance (ANOVA). The study results revealed that there is no significant influence in the personal profile, domestic factors and school environment to the learning competency among pupils of the indigenous group. The study concludes the respondents must study more to get a satisfactory mark rating to be proactive rather than the passive individual. The study recommends that hence father educational attainment, family income, family size and physical facilities, determinants of learning competency among respondents, parents must do something to educate, to uplift, to have family planning and DepEd as key instruments for progress must conduct training and workshops for teachers pupils and parents.

Man and Environment: Exegesis of Genesis 1:26-28 in the Nigerian Context


Environmental problem is an age-long issue that man has continued to struggle with. Various efforts have been made to solve this problem without success. Lynn White’s error of blaming Judeo-Christian arrogance to nature as cause for environmental problems has led to misinterpretation of environmental injunction in the Bible. This work examined the form of Gen 1:26-28 and evolved a hermeneutical methodology for its understanding and application in Nigeria today. A historical and exegetical study was carried out and corroborated with findings got from response to interviews conducted on selected churches on the application of environmental injunctions. Findings revealed that Nigerian Churches make use of the text. Consequently, the establishment of an ecumenical environment movement is suggested in order to have a common platform for relating with environmental organizations.

Teacher Instructional Management Strategies, Classroom Management Effectiveness and Learners’ Academic Achievement in English Language in Nigeria


Managing a school can only be said to be successful when students succeed. The provision of all resources can only be accounted for by high academic achievement of students in internal and external examinations. In Nigeria, English Language can be described as the link to student’s success and progress in education. It is the means of conveying information in classes, examination and its importance is further emphasised by the requirement in post-secondary education for admission to study most courses. At various workplace, it is the means of discussion among workers from various tribes and is indeed the lingua-franca for the country. Learners’ academic achievement in English language has been adjudged by scholars and researchers to be poor in public secondary schools. Most teachers are still attached to a singular instructional management strategy that favours teacher-centred learning that is book knowledge. This paper investigated the extent to which teacher instructional management strategies, classroom management, effectiveness influenced students’ academic achievement in public secondary schools and suggested appropriate measures to enhance academic achievement. It was concluded that there is a positive relationship between teacher instructional management strategies, classroom management, effectiveness and students’ academic performance in English language since they contributed significantly to academic achievement in public secondary schools. It was recommended among others, that, teachers should be exposed to contemporary instructional management strategies through regular inservice trainings to enhance their teaching effectiveness. Also, adequate instructional resources: text books, tools for practical demonstrations among others should be provided in secondary schools for teaching and learning of English language.

Effects of Convergent Learning and Divergent Learning Strategies on Students’ Academic Performance in Senior Secondary School Financial Accounting in Nigeria

The study examined the effects of convergent learning and divergent learning strategies on students’ academic performance in Financial accounting in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Three senior secondary schools in Abeokuta metropolis were randomly chosen and intact Financial accounting class of senior secondary school two in each of the chosen schools was selected for the study. Students’ in the first and second schools were taught and assessed using convergent learning and divergent learning strategies respectively. In addition, students’ in the third school were taught and assessed using conventional teaching method. The researchers’ designed Financial accounting performance test 1 (BPT 1) and financial accounting performance Test 2 (BPT 2) with Cronbach’s Alpha reliability coefficient of 0.85 (Pre-test) and 0.88 (Post-test) were used to obtain data for the study. The data collected were analysed using Analysis of Convariance (ANCOVA). Findings revealed that there is significant effect of convergent and divergent learning strategies on secondary school student’s performance in financial accounting. In addition, there is no significant effect of convergent and divergent learning strategies on secondary school students’ performance in Financial accounting based on gender and there is no significant interactive effect of gender and learning strategies on secondary school students’ performance in Financial accounting. It was recommended that Financial accounting teachers should make use of both the convergent and divergent leaning strategies during their lessons and Financial accounting students should be encouraged to serve as a tutor to teach their colleagues’ , which is one of basis for divergent learning strategy.

Retirement Education as Correlate of Old-Age Preparedness among Public Secondary School Teachers in Nigeria


Retirement is inevitable in the life of every teacher and failure to prepare effectively based on relevant information usually lead to poor preparation that some may regret later in life. To avoid this challenge, this study examined retirement education as correlate of old age preparedness among public Secondary School teachers in Oyo State. The study adopted the descriptive research design of the survey type and the sample was made up of 383 teachers from 43 public secondary schools in Ibadan South West and North West Local Government Areas of Oyo State based on the criteria that such teachers are above 50 years of age in addition to those who are already due for retirement as well as those already processing their retirements. Two research instruments titled “Retirement Education Questionnaire (r = 0.85)” and “Old-Age Preparedness Questionnaire (r = 0.72)” were used for data collection. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer research questions while hypothesis was tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) at 0.05 level of significance. Results show that retirement education is a correlate (Average Mean = 2.51) of old-age preparedness; teachers face various challenges related to retirement processing, and; there is a positive correlation (r = .141, p=0.037 0.5) between retirement education and old-age preparedness among teachers. It was recommended that employers should make it part of their routines to engage retiring teachers in seminars, workshops and related activities which might help the teachers to make concerted efforts toward preparing effectively for retirement.

Availability and Usability of ICT Based Medical Welfare among Health Workers in Nigeria for Improved Health Care for Workers


The productivity of Nigeria workers is based on their physical and physiological well-being. Based on modern practices in medical profession which renders available medical facilities within the world global village available to third world and developing countries, and the provision in workers welfare packages in Nigeria of which teaching workforce across levels of education belongs, this paper investigated availability and usability off shore facilities and interactions between local medical personnel and their developed world counter parts in solving health problems of workers in Nigeria. Findings showed that the use of e-health or ICT based material for solving the patient’s problems by health workers is still at lowest ebb in the country. The study suggested Building ICT awareness / skills on the potentials of ICTS for e-health in the sector through introduction of ICT communication in all health training institutions including medical and research institutions, nurses training institution, school of medical technology and retraining of already qualified medical practitioners is necessary. Also, budgets for sustainability are ‘ensured such that ICT are integrated into all budgetary processes and approach to health management. Also, internet protocol should be harnessed by developing policies for sharing of patient medical information through the use of ICT while taking into cognizance issues of trust confidentiality and security of patient information and ensuring its timely delivery as it affects life or death situation of the individual. Lastly the study suggested the promotion of the establishment of favorable legal and policy environment for e-health.