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SHERJ - Multidisciplinary Vol.6 January 2019 Released

SMCC Higher Education Research Journal
ISSN Print: 2449-4402. e-ISSN: 2467-6322. Volume 6 · January 2019
Published by Saint Michael College of Caraga
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
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Errors in Writing of Recount Text from Indonesian into English by the Eighth Grade Students of SMP Negeri 4 Kupang Timur in the Academic Year 2016-2017

There are three problems to be answered in this writing, they are: (1) the types of errors in translating recount text from Indonesian into English done by the eighth-grade students of SMPN 4 Kupang Timur; (2) the sources of those errors; And (3) the level of errors done by the eighth-grade students of SMP Negeri 4 Kupang Timur; The aims of this writing are the following (1) to provide information for English teachers, about the ability of the students. (2) To find out the errors of the students in translation from Indonesia into English. (3) To find out the level of error of the students in the translation of recount text. This writing applies descriptive qualitative method. It describes types or errors, source of errors and level of errors made by the eighth-grade students of SMP Negeri 4 Kupang Timur in translating and writing recount text from Indonesian into English. The result of the analysis shows that many errors were made based on the surface strategy taxonomy. Based on the errors data, the writer classified them based on the source of errors and level of errors made by students in translating recount text from Indonesian into English.

Improvement of Reading Comprehension of the 10Th Grade Students of Public Senior High School 1 (SMAN 1) Wolowae, Nagekeo in Academic Year 2016/2017 through the Explicitly Taught Vocabulary (ETV) Model of Teaching

This research is aimed at describing how the explicitly taught vocabulary (ETV) model of teaching helps to improve the students’ reading comprehension and describing the use of ETV model of teaching in improving students’ reading comprehension. This research was conducted at (Class X.A) of SMAN 1 Wolowae, Nagekeo. Their research subjects were the 10th-grade students in the academic year 2016/2017. The ETV model of teaching was applied in a classroom action research (CAR) with three cycles. The data were taken by using observation and tests, and they were analyzed using the pre-cycle score and minimum standard score to be the standard of comparison. The result shows that the ETV model of teaching was successful in helping the students improve their reading comprehension and making them more active in the teaching and learning process. It was portrayed by the students’ scores and the alteration of students’ activity that increased from cycle one to cycle three. Before implementing the ETV model of teaching (pre-cycle), the student’s average score was 17.5, then it changed to 68.3 in a cycle one after implementing the ETV. In cycle two the score increased to 75 and then increased significantly to 87.63 in a cycle. Besides, the students’ activity also changed positively to 84 %. From these results, the writer then concluded that ETV model of teaching was very effective to improve students’ reading comprehension especially the tenth-grade students (class X.A) of SMAN 1 Wolowae, Nagekeo, in the academic year 2016/2017. It is therefore also required to improve students’ activities in the learning process inside the classroom.

The Teachers` Motivation in Joining the Training on Scientific Paper Writing



The studies on teacher motivation have developed and expanded since the late 1990s due to the importance of teacher motivation on teaching and learning succeeds. Teacher motivation has a substantial role in education because motivated a teacher produces motivated students. This study attempts to explore the teachers` motivation in scientific paper training in a suburban area in East Java. This is qualitative research and a case study. This study analyzed its data by means of a descriptive analysis. The method is chosen to elaborate on the qualitative data taken from the teachers who are participating in scientific paper training. The study finds that there are eight indicators related to the teachers` motivation. It is also found out that there are two types of teachers` motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. It was recommended that for the government, they should understand the teachers’ intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Both motivations can boost up the teachers’ scientific paper production. For the researchers for further research, they can also explore more information such as the teachers’ background of life and also getting more respondents from other areas.

“In The Zone”: Lived Experiences of MVC Music Instrumentalists

This qualitative study examines the lived experiences of five music instrumentalists from Mountain View College. The primary data collection method was in-depth interviews. The data were coded and analyzed according to the research questions. Five themes emerged regarding participants’ experiences that include: (1) challenging experiences to one’s skill, (2) concentration on a task, (3) high levels of personal and performance satisfaction, (4) deep learning and experiencing the “flow,” and (5) uncovering inner emotions. Themes were analyzed from the music instrumentalists’ experiences through the theoretical lenses of the Flow theory. The participant’s experiences’ served as a jumpstart to the discussions about the actual and perceived values of the musicians’ life. It is concluded that Flow or “in the zone” moment, the optimal psychological state, musical activities that challenge their skill level, immersion and concentrated focus on the task, in deep learning, and high levels of personal music performance and satisfaction were all experienced by the participant. It is then recommended that the research participants and musically inclined students be continually provided with all opportunities, music facilities, and a supportive environment to help them experience in-depth learning that would make their talents grow.

Knowledge of Social Studies as Predictor of Citizenship Behavior of Secondary Student Leaders of Butuan City, Philippines

This study examine the level of knowledge, skills, attitude, and values of Social Studies as predictors of citizenship behavior namely: altruism; civic virtue; sportsmanship; conscientiousness; and courtesy of the secondary student leaders of Butuan City Division. The researcher employed a mixed method which is descriptive evaluative and quantitative design. The respondents of this study are the classroom officers comprising the four hundred (400) secondary student leaders of the empowered secondary schools of the thirteen (13) districts in the division. Considering the number of students, this bears the greater challenge for the teachers to deal with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of the students in their day-to-day encounter in the classroom and the school premise. The researcher used an achievement exam to measure the knowledge, skills, attitude, and values in Social Studies and a survey questionnaire in gauging the Citizenship Behavior. Mean and Stepwise Regression were used in treating the problem. The findings of the study showed that of the four learning competencies in Social Studies only knowledge was found to be highly significant, and found to be the predictor of the Citizenship behavior of the secondary student leaders of Butuan City Division.

The Impact of School Facilities to the Teaching-Learning Environment

Adequate facilities are an essential factor for student learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of School Facilities to the Teaching-Learning Environment of the Cluster-A Schools of the Diocese of Butuan. The study utilized the descriptive survey method of research. A questionnaire was used as the primary instrument for data gathering. The respondents of the study were the Grade 9 and Grade 10 students, and the teachers of the Grade 9 and 10 of the Cluster A Schools of the Diocese of Butuan. Findings revealed that the presence of school facilities as rated by the teachers and students has motivated them and made them feel happy and satisfied with the knowledge that they have gained through the utilization of the school facilities. The findings affirm the expectancy-value theory which assumes that people are motivated to do an activity if it is perceived to be linked to the satisfaction of personal needs and if there is a positive expectancy for success (Deci & Ryan, 2014). It was recommended that Seminar –Workshops should be conducted for teachers on the integration of technology as part of their teaching strategies to enhance students’ motivation.

The Influence of Macroeconomic and Global Factors on the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for the Period 2013-2017

The Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) is an index used by investors as a reference in looking at the development conditions of the capital market in Indonesia. This research aims to explain the effect of macroeconomic factors (Gross Domestic Product, SBI interest rate, RER, Money Supply) and Global (World Oil Prices) on the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) in the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2013-2017. The sample used in this research is a saturated sample where all members of the population are sampled. The analytical method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis with the help of the SPSS program to explain the impact of independent variables on the dependent variable. The research used quarterly data from 2013-2017 for each research variable. The results of the research show that all independent variables simultaneously have a significant effect on CSPI. Partially, RER has a significant negative effect on the CSPI, Gross Domestic Product and the Amount of Money Supply has a negative not significant effect on the CSPI. SBI interest rates and World Oil Prices have a positive not significant effect on the CSPI.

Cognitive Levels of English Test Items Constructed by EFL Teachers of Senior High Schools

This study was primarily concerned with cognitive levels of English test items constructed by EFL Teachers of public senior high schools in Maumere city, Indonesia, in the academic year 2016/2017. Specifically, it concerned with multiple choices test items which deal with language skills of reading, speaking and writing. This research aimed to answer the problems of the cognitive levels, tendency, and portion of English test items on the basis of percentage of question levels. This research is a descriptive qualitative research. It described the phenomenon of constructing test item in senior high schools. Data resources were four-semester test items constructed by EFL teachers of 1state senior high school and Frater Catholic senior high school in Alok subdisctrict, Saint Gabriel Catholic senior high school and PGRI private senior high school in Alok timur subdistrict of Maumere city of Sikka regency. The result of the research showed that more than half of the test items constructed by EFL teachers of the senior high school in Maumere city in the academic year 2016/2017 do not meet the requirement of cognitive level, tendency and portion of test items so they must be revised. In terms of cognitive levels, only a quarter of test items meet the requirement of six cognitive levels of questions. Then, in terms of tendency, more than half of test items tend to indicate the easy category. In terms of portion, more than half of test items also do not meet the requirement of distribution of English test items on the basis of percentage of questions levels.

Assessment of the Learning Resource Center of Saint Michael College of Caraga

This study is the guide in the implementation of library development plan and formulation of the budget allocation for the years to come and its serve as reminders of the administrators as to the development of the Learning Resource Center. Descriptivesurvey method research, questionnaire was used as the main instrument of the gathering of data. Based on the result of the study of assessment of the learning resource center of Saint Michael College of Caraga in term of services of the library staff offered and served to the student, teaching and non- teaching personnel are all strongly agree means that the level of the library services offered is very extensively and excellently provided to the library users’ needs. On the area of Library Collection offered served to the library users: for the student is Strongly Agree means the level of the library services offered is very extensively and excellently provided to the library users’ needs, while the faculty and non- teaching personnel are Agree means that the level of library services offered is very extensively and excellently provided to the library users’ needs. There is a need to fully automate the library services, especially in the circulation area, OPAC and free internet access must be provided. The library must have a newsletter and publications to disseminate what is in the library.

Collection Evaluation of Saint Michael College of Caraga – Learning Resource Center

This collection evaluation is a process of assessing library materials through collection mapping. This should be done regularly to monitor the library collection. The study aimed to evaluate the library collection of Saint Michael College of Caraga Learning Resource Center. The method being employed in this study descriptive method. It specifically used the quantitative and document analysis approach. The study was focused on the library collection of nine (9) programs offered at Saint Michael College of Caraga. The main research instruments are CHED Memorandum Order common to all programs. So, the results of the study would be the basis in formulating a collection development plan for SMCC-Learning Resource Center. The study disclosed that for the last five years, in terms of print resources particularly in periodicals, mostly all programs have enough resources to be used while in print books, majority of the subjects in each program do not have enough or have no available resources at all. The same with non-print; most of the subjects do not have available materials. While the electronic resources (computer-based), all subjects in each program has no available subscribed resources for users. Thus, the result of the study shows that the library collection of Saint Michael College of Caraga-Learning Resource Center is not enough to support the program offered and meet the demands of the curriculum and different information needs of its users.

The Efficacy of Strategic Intervention Materials (SIMS) in Teaching Social Studies Among Third Year High School Students

This study investigated the efficacy of the Strategic Intervention Materials (SIMs) in teaching Social Studies among the third-year high school students of Bugsukan Integrated School, Philippines. The researcher made use of the group pretest-posttest design. The pretest was used the present performance the five learning areas in Social Studies namely: The Growing Power of Europe, The Spread of European Power, The Expansion of European Power, The Awakening, and The World Between Wars. Mean was used to determine the academic performance of the student-respondents while t-Test was used to determine the significant difference in the results between the pretest and posttest. This study found out that, SIMs enhance students’ interest as well as their retention of the lesson. Watching video clips, film, and movies about the teaching in Social Studies increases students’ performance in the test. This is manifested in the high examination scores of the students in the fourth grading period. The significant difference in the students’ performance in the pretest and posttest in the result of the effective technique the teacher employs. The SIMs are deemed instrumental in upgrading students’ retention of the content of the subject as well as in sustaining their interest to learn and integrate the lessons in their real-life experiences as they identify themselves with the characters they see on the videos, films and other audio-video materials presented to them.

Challenges Experienced by the Student Teachers of Philippine College Foundation During Their Practice Teaching

Student teaching practice is known to expose student teachers to the actual practice of teaching The main objective of this study was to determine the challenges experienced by the student teacher of Philippine College Foundation during their practice teaching. The participants were the five BEED, who graduated on March 2017 at Philippine College Foundation and the selected three cooperating teachers of Philippine College Foundation Elementary Department. A self- made lead Questions were used in the individual and key\informant Interview was conducted with their cooperating teacher. The researchers transcribed and interpreted the interview results; themes were extracted to get the information on the challenges they experienced as a student teacher during their practice teaching. Findings revealed that all the participants have multiple challenges that need to be managed before going into student teaching to make student teaching a pleasant experience. It was recommended that there should be a seminar and workshop before sending the student teachers to the field and proper orientation must be done so that they would know what they are doing inside the classroom. Lastly, the student teachers should follow the cooperating teacher’s advice as well as the critiques of the modules to have at peace with the teacher and serves as their guide.