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SHERJ - Multidisciplinary Vol.5 August 2018 Released

SMCC Higher Education Research Journal
ISSN Print: 2449-4402· e-ISSN: 2467-6322 · Volume 5 · August 2018
Published by Saint Michael College of Caraga
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte
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Essay Scoring System Using Semantic Similarity Approach

Essay Scoring System provides a systematic checking of essay based on the similarity of its meaning to the model as implied on the content. This study automatically score essays and give feedback to the students about their score. Besides, the system uses algorithms that analyse the lexical semantics of the words to get the similarity between the model and student essay which includes the Common Term Frequency (CTF), Longest Common Subsequence (LCS), and Semantic Distance (SD). The two essay will undergo the Text Processing Phase which includes the process of Tokenization, Stop words removal, Stemming and Parts-of-Speech (POS) tagging. It uses the WorldNet database for word synonymy and semantic references. Word Sense Disambiguation is also implemented in the study to identify the meaning of the word used in the context and also to solve the ambiguity of meaning particularly on homonyms. The scoring follows the predefined criteria for content relevance, spelling, and grammar. Furthermore, the study conducted tests to the actual users of the system including teachers. Based on these tests, the computed percentage differences between the teacher and the system score is 18.03% with an accuracy of 82.18%. The accuracy shows a close similarity of the system’s score to the teachers’ given score to the essays. Developing the system faces a challenge in the implementation of the semantic algorithms. Since the study is more capable of evaluating semantic similarity based on word occurrences, it is best to further the system’s capability of checking the semantic similarity based on the context of the essay.

Determinants of Quality Teacher Education Program of Private Higher Education Institutions in Caraga Region, Mindanao, Philippines

This study aimed to determine the quality of Teacher Education Program among private Higher Education Institutions in Caraga Region using a descriptive-evaluative method of research. It was found out that majority of the TEIs in the region complied the minimum standard, and exceeded the minimum standard level of compliance in all areas based on CMO #30s. 2004 monitoring. It was also found out in the study that private TEIs had a high percentage rate in LET performance both in BEED and BSED compared to the National passing rate for three years (2014-2016), and good in terms of quality Teacher Education Program. As to the significant relationship between the level of compliance and the quality of teacher education program, they proved to have a significant correlation. Meanwhile, most of the respondents suggested to intensifying admission and retention policy to improve quality Teacher Education Program. Based on the overall findings of the study, a proposed framework to achieve quality Teacher Education Program was offered.

Person-Oriented Approaches as an Organization Development Intervention on the Transformation of the High School Teaching Personnel of Saint Michael College of Caraga, Philippines
Dennis P. Mausisa.

Transformative education is the conscious response by progressive educators to mold the active, committed, democratic, nationalist citizenry they want and as a conscious response to problems of society and the kind of society, they want to build. This study assess the ratings before and the evaluation ratings after the interventions. This study utilized the assessment and evaluation methods and the descriptive comparative design. The instruments were the personnel data form, teaching performance survey questionnaire, and service with a heart inventory checklist from the EQ service with a heart book of Dr. Patricia Patton. Based on the findings of the study, it is concluded that there are significant differences in the high school teaching personnel of SMCC before and after the implementation of the ODI. The effects of the person-oriented approaches on the high school teaching personnel of SMCC yield a significant positive change on the educational qualification, performance rating, and emotional quotient. It was recommended that the school must continue the Faculty Development Plan of the personnel. This includes graduate school studies and seminars, workshops, and symposiums with internal or external based. Also, the Board of Trustees must appropriate budget for continuing education as part of the annual school budget allocation.

Academic Emotions And Performance of the Senior High School Students: Basis for Intervention Program

Emotions are ever-present in academic settings and can significantly influence learning and achievement. Since the classroom is an emotional place, students often experience emotions in school. This study determined the effect of academic emotions in academic settings such as attending class, studying lesson, and taking test/exam towards academic performance to find remedies and effective measures aim to yield an intervention program to improve the learning experience of the students. Descriptive- correlational and descriptive- comparative research design has used in this study. Stratified random sampling was employed. The researcher collected data using an adopted questionnaire from Achievement Emotions Questionnaire. A total of 185 Grade 12 Senior High School Students were involved. Data were analyzed using the Descriptive Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, Pearson Correlation Analysis, t-Test, and ANOVA. The study established that there was a significant relationship between the academic emotions and academic performance of the senior high school students. Results also revealed that as the level of academic emotions at attending class, studying lesson and taking test/exam increases, the academic performance of the students also increases. 12.8% of the variability is accounted for by the model with predictors comprising a level of academic emotions in studying lessons and level of academic emotions in taking test/exam. Data provide enough evidence of the regression model significantly predicts the dependent variable at a=0.01. To fortify and promote the emotional self-management of the students, an Intervention Program has offered.

Traditional and Constructivist Teaching Approaches and Student Academic Performance in Social Studies
Rene A. Japitana

An effective teacher incorporates a wide-ranging repertoire of various teaching and learning models, strategies, and techniques and is aware of the way to produce the right conditions for learning. This study was done to compare the constructivist approach and traditional approach to teaching and to determine their effectiveness in teaching social studies concepts. Two sections of the grade seven students of Saint Michael College of Caraga were involved. Learning plans and a checklist were developed according to constructivist and traditional approaches to teaching. The students’ academic performances were compared, and the significance of their difference was determined using the t‐test. After the study was conducted, it was found out that the students who were exposed to the constructivist approach and traditional approach to teaching had no significant difference in their academic performance after two grading periods. The study showed that there was no single better approach to teaching social studies. Educators and administrators can encourage their teachers to experiment with how useful constructivism and the traditional approach in other subject areas It was recommended that the administrators can provide training on the traditional and constructivist approaches with their teachers in planning activities in social studies.

Web-Based Information and Monitoring System of Cagayan de Oro City Academy for International Education




The study aimed at providing the Cagayan de Oro Academy for International Education with a web-based information and monitoring system capable of carrying out school transactions of the Cagayan de Oro Academy for International Education. An online information and monitoring system is complex and flexible and is designed to meet distinct needs. In developing the proposed system, the researchers used the Prototyping Life Cycle Model These applications improved the traditional transaction processing systems. Staff finds it tedious in searching and preparing reports on student’s information and also laborious due to repetition of processes done in filling and updating of records. The proposed system caters posting and viewing of grades, class schedules, students, guardians and staff profiling and other important data needed in the system. The Web-based Information and Monitoring System is an expansion of a basic information system achieved through system design of an improved or broader capability by functionally or technically relating two or more information systems. With this, the academy will be able to provide quality service to its students. This thesis study offers important implication for monitoring and information of the school and lessen the workload of school management and save time.

The National Competency Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS) Performance of the Basic Education Teachers

The quality of teachers could determine the quality of education of a nation. The purpose of the study was to determine the performance of the basic education teachers of Saint Michael College of Caraga with regards to the National Competency-Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS). A complete enumeration of eleven (11) school heads such as the two (2) principals and the nine (9) subject coordinators and the thirty-five (35) teachers were the respondents in the Basic Education of Saint Michael College of Caraga. The descriptive, comparative and correlational method of research was used in this study since the study attempted to present the professional profile of teachers and linked to their competence and performance. Results revealed that NCBTS performance of the basic education teachers is satisfactory. It was recommended that a proposed development program will be done based on the result of the study which is the satisfactory level of performance with regards to the National Competency-Based Teacher Standard (NCBTS) among the Basic Education teachers of Saint Michael College of Caraga. The development program has the following components: key areas focused on the NCBTS seven domains, objectives, strategies, time frame, persons’ involved, financial/budget requirement, expected outcome, and mode of verification.

The Use of Multiple Intelligence Instruction Activities in Improving Writing Skills of the Second Grade Students of Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 1 Soe in Academic Year 2016/2017
MARIA REGINA JAGA 0000-0002-0383-5519

The study describes the use of multiple intelligence instruction activities for improving writing skills of the second-grade students of Sekolah menengah atas negeri 1 Soe in academic year 2016/2017. The study was conducted to identify the dominant types of multiple intelligence from the second-grade students, how to use multiple intelligences instruction activities and to find the effect of using multiple intelligences instruction activities on improving writing skills. This research is a classroom action research and the data were collected using interview, questionnaire, observation, and test. The result of interviews showed that teacher, especially in writing, used only general instructions without using any different instructions and never classifying the students’ ability. The result by questionnaires showed, there were four dominant bits intelligence found from second-grade students: musical, interpersonal, naturalist and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences. It indicates that there was a significant improvement of students in writing skills; it could be seen from the result of pre-test (63.45%), first cycle (68.55%) and the second cycle (76.90%). Students’ activeness was increased. It showed the students’ observation in the pre-cycle (48.57%), First cycle (68.5%) and second cycle (77.14%). Thus, it suggests that multiple intelligence based instruction activities can increase students’ writing skill and the students’ attitudes toward English lesson.

Library Services Status of Cluster A Schools of the Diocese of Butuan
Dennis P. Mausisa

Libraries play an important role in the learning process. It is an area composed of a set of resources which include customer service. The purpose of the study was to assess the library services status of the Cluster A schools of the Diocese of Butuan. The researcher used the descriptive-survey type of research method which utilized a questionnaire as the main instrument for data gathering. The study also used qualitative research method specifically the focus group discussion, content analysis, and documentary analysis of data. The statistical techniques were used: frequency, mean, Scoring and Quantification of Data. The study showed that all of the Basic Education Libraries of the Cluster A Schools of the Diocese of Butuan are Practicing the Minimum Standard in all areas of the library services while the Higher Education Library of the Cluster A School of the Diocese of Butuan is Exceeding the Minimum Standard on the five (5) areas while Practicing the Minimum the Standard on one (1) area. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher and experts’ recommended the following: to send Librarians and Para librarians on various trainings, seminars, and Benchmarking for enhancement. To acquire photocopier, scanner, CD burner, and printer as part of library services and establish interlibrary linkages.

Using Collaborative Sensory Detail Chart to Increase Number of Content Words of Students’ Descriptive Writing
TIARMA MARPAUNG 0000-0002-0784-2812

This study promoted the use of sensory detail chart in collaborative learning as a strategy for more fluent writing. It aimed at investigating how the use of sensory detail chart in collaborative learning could increase the number of content words in students’ descriptive writing. There are thirty students participated in a classroom action research (CAR) in two cycles. Students did a pre-test before the implementation and a post-test after each cycle. The tests results showed that number of content words in students’ descriptive writing had increased by 62.44% overall. The increase in the second cycle was even higher. The results of the second post-test indicated that the number of content words in students’ descriptive writing had increased by 138.17% overall. The researcher concluded that the use of sensory detail chart collaboratively has successfully increased the number of content words in the students’ descriptive writing.

Perception of Graduates in Their Educational Experience and Readiness to Take the Criminology Licensure Examination
Jun C. Villarmia

Academic exercises and practical training are provided for the students as part of the prestige preparation of the school. The research aimed to draw the perceptions of students on their expectations, quality of teaching, roles and responsibilities, and confidence to take the licensure examination for criminologists. The researcher used the qualitative method of focused-group discussion in drawing out the perception of students on their expectations, quality of teaching, role and responsibilities, and confidence to take the board exam. This study focused on the expectations of the 12 graduating students of the criminology program of Saint Michael College of Caraga, pioneering batch 2016. Based on the results, it can be concluded that the pioneering class was satisfied in their four- year course as most of their expectations were realized during their studies. Respondents are also prepared for any jobs related to their course that will be offered as they acquired most of the basic duties and responsibilities. However, enhancement review is not sufficient for them to pass the board exam. Thus, a regular review program will help them prepare to become licensed criminologists